Compactor Storage System


Steelrange compactors are engineered to help you recover your lost floor space. These rail mounted compactors can be easily configured to suit any type of storage. Special wheel and rail constructions increase the life span of compactor and facilitates easy operation. Available to suit every requirement, these come as manual operated and mechanically assisted mobile providing maximum storage capacity by compaction. This system not only provides more space but also security. Each rack is provided with an individual push button steering lock. When fully compacted the entire system can be locked into position with 1 locking operation.

All materials are made of prime quality CRCA conforming to IS 513 grade for a longer life, these are passed through a 7 tank pre-treatment process before being powder coated for a long scratch resistance finish.

All trolleys are manufactured with hot rolled steel and fitted with precision engineered shaft and anti friction bearings for extremely smooth operation.

Regular Space

Compactor Tracks

Same capacity, half the space

Same space almost twice Capacity